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Jams & jellies from estate grown and local fruit. Verjus is 100% estate-grown in our Cobble Hill vineyard in the warm Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.

Verjus (green juice, sometimes called Verjuice) is pure, unfermented grape juice pressed from unripe or semi-ripe fruit. Used since the Middle Ages as an alternative to lemon or lime, it is enjoying renewed popularity as a versatile, vibrant condiment. Prepare a salad dressing or a delicious sauce, deglaze a pan, create a sorbet, a cocktail, or a multitude of culinary delights. Check out our recipes!



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  • $89.25The Pleasures of Continuity (paperback)A Subjective View on Food and Wine Tradition and Other Nourishment

    8" x 10", full colour paperback. After a nostalgic voyage in the land of past Spilamberto, a small town in the province of Modena in northern Italy, and the vicissitudes of growing up in that time, winemaker Giordano Venturi fascinates the reader with many traditional home recipes, described with sentiment and passion and illustrated with photos from the home kitchen.

    The author’s opinionated evaluation of modern society and its proclivities are a breath of fresh air in a world of complacency and second-rate efforts. Here too, his writing is connected with food and the introduction of wine: starting a vineyard in unlikely areas and, against overwhelming odds, excelling in the production of quality Pinot Noir, sparkling wine and sweet, tradition-loaded dessert wine. All these efforts are accompanied by photos and told step by step with imagination, accuracy and verve: a reality “stranger than fiction”!
    His short stories dovetailed within the text were originally published long ago in the Venturi-Schulze newsletters. They are sheer inspiration, detailing with entertaining prose many occupations and rituals that disappeared more than half a century ago.
    Balsamic vinegar is treated like something holy and precious: here the author delves into the details of tradition and modern trends, painstakingly exploring the differences.
    This book is about everything that matters, touching the heart, at times jerking a tear or two and inspiring reflection; well worth savouring by the fire or in a quiet setting at the end of the day, contemplating who we ourselves are and where we are going.

jams and jellies

  • $9.95Blackberry Balsamic Jalapeño Jam125 ml fruity with medium spice

    100% estate grown, this delicious treat is great with appetizers such as cheese platters and smoked salmon - wonderful on crackers with Brie. 125 ml refrigerate after opening.

  • $9.95Blueberry Sage Balsamic Jam/Saucewonderful on chicken and turkey

    Organic Saanich (Vancouver Island) blueberries picked by Michelle Schulze's two year old son Connor, combined with sage from our own garden with a hint of our balsamic vinegar. This looser consistency jam is a wonderful sauce , delicious with poultry or pork roasts.

  • $9.95Cherry Almond Balsamic Jama taste of summer

    Okanagan cherries (BC), a touch of our Brandenburg No.3 and balsamic vinegar, and almond extract create a taste of summer! Fantastic topping on vanilla ice cream, on a croissant with goat cheese for a sweet breakfast treat or spread between the layers of a choccolate or vanilla cake.

  • $9.95Currant Balsamic Juniper Jamtastes like you are in France
    Currant Balsamic Juniper Jam

    Black currants are relatively rare in BC and the jam is very distinctive in flavour with its hint of juniper berry. It is flying out the door with our European visitors. Wonderful on crackers with cheese and to flavour sauces. Mmmm - duck, anyone?

  • $9.95Peach Cardamom Balsamic JamDelicious with sausages and meats, too!

    Made with ripe peaches, a hint of our own balsamic vinegar and subtle cardamom, this jam is wonderful with cheese and crackers, but also delicious with sausages and light meats! 125 ml. Note that our jams have fruit as the main ingredient.

  • $9.95Pinot Noir Rosemary Balsamic Jelly125 ml with a hint of black pepper - delicious with lamb
    Pinot Noir Rosemary Jelly

    This Pinot Noir jelly, infused with local rosemary, is rich and dark and an amazing pairing with lamb and other meats or with cheese on baguette rounds or crackers. 125 ml refrigerate after opening.

  • $9.95Raspberry Balsamic Vanilla JamSo versatile!
    Raspberry Balsamic Vanilla Jam

    Local raspberry, estate balsamic vinegar and vanilla jam - try with cheese and crackers, use as a glaze on chicken, spread it on toast, mix it with ice cream or yogurt, use it between the layers of a cake, dab it behind your ears or or eat it with a spoon. 125 ml

For more recipes, visit: www.venturischulze.com/recipes